Why Is Signage So Important To Businesses?

Signs are one of the most important communication vehicles for consumers and employees. However, many companies either struggle to get signage right, or miss out on valuable opportunities. Here’s the TL Colour insider guide to unlocking the full potential of signage!


What Is Signage?

Many people associate the term ‘signage’ with the iconic statement above the shop door, or directional signs to the canteen or car park. However, as their primary purpose is communication, there are many different types of signs. These include internal wayfaring signage, exhibition signage, and health and safety signage. Indeed, any type of information that is presented visually is likely to be categorised as a sign.

Why Does Signage Matter?

Signage has a range of important purposes. It is used to send messages, such as the name of the company, or to orientate and guide customers and employees around a site. This helps to put visitors at ease and draws upon principles of human geography such as controlling the direction of movement. Additionally, signage has a major role in reinforcing organisational culture and identity. For instance, careful use of signs can help create brand consistency, while paying attention to details such as font, colour, and layout, can send the right messages regarding values and ethos.

What Are The Competitive Advantage Impacts For Businesses?

There are several ways that perfect signage can positively impact a business. By reinforcing and supporting brand messages, signage can help generate and maintain brand awareness. Eye-catching, stylish, and thoughtfully designed signs work in harmony with the logo, creating a visual memory for the brand. Organisations report that this can lead to a range of positive outcomes, from improved sales opportunities to happier employees. Brands that pay attention to signage may also send a powerful message regarding their quality, care, and trust in their mission, offering opportunities to stand apart from competitors.

How Can My Brand Capitalise Upon Signage?

Signage can be a very cost-effective investment for forward-thinking brands. However, to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important to pay attention to the details. The font, design, colours, print quality, and materials can all have a significant impact, so it helps to plan signage correctly. Start by considering the practicalities, such as the messages that the signs need to convey, and then filter in crucial considerations regarding the personality of your brand. Tiny adjustments to colour, spacing and language can have a powerful effect, so it helps to check with a professional before going ahead with new signage.

Next Steps

New signage can feel daunting, but for organisations it can offer a host of important benefits. To learn more about how to get the most out of your signage, or to discuss your ideas, please call 01235 520444 today.  


Image Source: Unsplash