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TLC is our new look…We have rebranded from LeachPrint to Thomas Leach Colour.

2018 sees a transformation with a new fresh and exciting look and image.

The team at TLC are excited with our dynamic rebrand…

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Festive Fun!

The team dressed in their festive attire for Christmas Jumper Day!

Finishing Apprentice on tour…

As part of an apprenticeship at LeachPrint our apprentices spend a little time with each department to learn about the important roles they play within the company.

The first visit Max made was to our reprographic department, to see what it takes to get our print jobs ready for the presses.


Our reprographic team is made up of Debbie (Studio Manager), Steve and Jason (DTP Operators).

Max worked closely with Steve during his two weeks spent with our repro department. Steve taught Max about how artwork for print jobs is created and using InDesign software. With the skills that Max picked up from his time spent with Steve, he was able to go on and design his own stationery - something that he found "a lot of fun to try out".


The next stop on Max's department tour was our sales office.

The LeachPrint sales team members are David Mullord (Sales Director), David Blackwell , Kevin Newbold (Sales Representatives), Paul Dovey and Wayne Reynolds (Account Handlers).

Max accompanied Kevin on client visits and making deliveries, he also spent some time with Paul learning about the importance of job/artwork specifications and making out the estimates for any print enquiries.

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Exclusive interview with Mr Max Weller!

So, who is Max Weller...?

We recently managed to sit down with Max for a catch up, we thought that we would take the opportunity to learn a little more about our newest apprentice...

Check out the Q&A below!

Q: What are your hobbies / interests?

Max: "My main one would be football, I play as a striker for Abingdon Youth, I have been playing since I was 4 years old. My other main hobby would be cars, I own a DS3 at the moment. I love modding my car and showing it at car meets."

Q: Do you have any pets?

Max: "Yeah, I have a dog called Esme."

Q: Do you have a favourite song?

Max: "At the moment I really like Ed Sheeran - Shape of You, but its got to be the Stormzy remix . I love grime music the most. I also really like Bruno Mars - 'Thats what I like' ".

Q: Who inspires you?

Max: "My family because they've worked really hard to get where they are and they've always taught me that in life, you get out what you put in. Lawrence (Max's friend) also inspires me because he's doing really well for himself and he is a similar age to me, so it gives me an idea of what to push for. We also share the same interest in DS3 cars." (Lawrence also happens to be Max's supervisor here at LeachPrint...)

Q: What have you achieved that you are most proud of?

Max: "I've won quite a few football awards; sportman of the year, parents player & managers player, so I'm quite proud of those."

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island what three things would you want with you?

Max: "McDonalds, Lucozade & my phone".

Q: Describe yourself in one word.

Max: "Bubbly?"

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Uncle Colin teaches Max how to fold…

For 7 years Colin Belcher was our folder operator / van driver, until recently as he has taken his well-deserved retirement.

Before taking on the role of being a full time grandad, Colin was able to teach apprentice Max how to operate our three folding machines.

Our three folding machines take on a big role within the finishing department. From leaflets to medical inserts, mechanical folders cut out time spent folding products by hand, freeing up some of our staff to work on other finishing roles.

Since Colin has left LeachPrint Max is well on his way to mastering the tricky task, with only a little help along the way.

Following on from this learning curve Max now moves to our repro-graphic studio.

Next in ‘The Diary of Max Weller’, the exclusive interview with the man himself… plus a minion?

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