Quality Policy

Thomas Leach Ltd. recognises that the disciplines of quality, health and safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function. Along with its clients, TLC attaches the highest priority to delivery of print and communications solutions which, as a minimum, meet client expectations. Balanced with commercial and environmental requirements, TLC and its team are committed to providing quality of service and product; first time and every time.

To support these aims, TLC will conduct its operations inline with the internationally recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001:2008.

It is our policy to:

Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements including those detailed in ISO9001:2008
Continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and make best use of our management resources in all quality matters
Communicate our quality objectives and our performance against these objectives throughout the company
Set and monitor quality performance indicators including client feedback
Work closely with our employees, clients and suppliers to establish the highest Quality standards
Ensure employees and workers act in accordance with this policy and TLC’s Quality Management System and have the relevant competences to fulfil their responsibilities

The Board shall be responsible for this policy and ensuring that it remains relevant and suitable. This will be achieved through formal annual review. However, it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure we adhere to the principles and aims set out in this policy statement.


N. Stratford
Managing Director

4th March 2022