Find The Perfect Easter Cards For You

Seasonal cards are an excellent way to banish the winter blues while making loved ones feel valued. Whether you are looking for personal cards or for commercial Easter material, here’s how TL Colour can help.


When Is Easter 2022 and When Is The Right Time To Send Cards?

In 2022, Easter falls from April 15th until Monday 18th. Although originally a Christian festival, Easter has come to have a much broader cultural meaning as a celebration of spring. As such, not all cards have religious meanings, and it is appropriate to begin sending messages to loved ones from the beginning of March onwards. The same is true of e-commerce, with companies often starting their promotional campaigns early. In recent years, Easter has grown to encompass 12% of the seasonal market for some products,[1] illustrating the nation’s growing love of this uplifting time of year.  

What Makes a Good Easter Card?

Easter is a religious festival, celebrating both the resurrection and the joy of spring. As such, the ideal cards depend upon the recipient.

Cards with Christian images and symbols, specifically religious designs, are usually reserved for those who observe the formal ceremonies associated with Easter. Alternatively, spring flowers are a comfortable and neutral choice. Either way, personalising the card can help to make it more meaningful, and ensure the recipient feels valued.  

What Does TL Colour Offer?

At TL Colour, we provide an extensive range of Easter themed products, encompassing naturalistic, secular, and religious themes to suit the intended audience. As well as personalised Easter greetings cards, we also offer personalised church service cards, banners, posters, Easter promotional signage, including non-slip floor signage and collecting boxes with self-seal labels for churches and much more.

What Next?

It’s never too early to start spreading seasonal cheer, so why not make use of our 10% discount on all Easter Card orders received on or before 14th March 2022! For a truly memorable card, you can now order online at  


Image Source: Pexels