5 Benefits Of Business Vehicle Graphics

Business vehicle graphics on company fleet vehicles play a central role in brand awareness. The idea was first invented by the Ancient Romans, and it’s never fallen out of fashion. Business vehicle graphics are now ubiquitous on construction plant, logistics vehicles and trailers, and even company cars. As the graphic is often the first contact a potential customer has with your business, it’s essential to invest in quality to make a good impression. In this article, we discuss the main benefits of high-quality business graphics on your fleet vehicles.


1) It Gets Your Brand Moving

Trying to grow a logistics-based brand without visibility is like attempting to grow a plant without sunlight. Brand visibility on vehicles is important for a range of reasons. For instance, it can introduce the brand or service to potential audiences, and can keep the brand in focus for existing customers. Visibility can also help to build confidence in the brand and reinforce continuity. Continuity is central to gaining an audience’s trust, so getting your brand on the road can be an astute strategy.

2) It’s Cost Effective

Advertising online and through printed/digital offline media can be expensive, especially when renting billboards or digital space in commercial areas. If you already own a fleet of vehicles, you already own a potential advertising platform, so transforming a ‘blank canvas’ into a stunning display can be done with fewer costs. Changing the graphic designs on vehicles can also be done as frequently or infrequently as required, presenting a highly scalable advertising option.

To calculate the effectiveness of the investment, chalk up your current advertising spend and work out which avenues are creating leads. If there are underperformers, bespoke vehicle graphics – not just limited to your company name, logo, and website – might be a more strategic option.

3) It Grabs People’s Attention

Great vehicle graphics can brighten up a dull journey for other road users. People’s eyes are naturally drawn towards colours and patterns, and well-planned graphics use design principles that are proven to create a memorable impression on passers-by. The choice and size of font, colours, and layout can all be tweaked for maximum impact to convey the full identity of the brand while optimising space on the trailer or vehicle.

When designing an attention-grabbing vehicle graphic, always work with a professional design team. They will combine expert design skills with advanced software that can maximise the impact and the available space – without potentially distracting other road users.

4) It Looks More Professional

Few strategies shout success more clearly than branded vehicles. Vehicle graphics show that the company has trust in itself, confidence in its success, and a clear roadmap towards the future. For customers, this open display of professionalism and brand identity is reassuring. Highly visible branded delivery lorries and trailers, for example, are an outward sign of a thriving company. During an era of empty highstreets, when many companies are struggling to navigate complex economics, a visible statement that the company is thriving can send a powerful message that your brand isn’t going to be the next to disappear.

Making a statement about professionalism doesn’t have to involve a huge-paint job. Less is more with on-road advertising and branding because of the need not to draw the attention of other drivers away from the road. The design should be legible and memorable with only a brief view and partial attention. Of course, you have more flexibility with third party advertising on busses and trains, as these are targeted at a pedestrian audience. For your fleet vehicles, even a discrete but striking logo can make an impression, so there’s a vehicle graphics solution for every organisation.

5) It Can Lower Your Vehicle Insurance

Insurance companies love vehicles with distinctive graphic branding because they are much less likely to be stolen – it’s more difficult to get away with hiding a strongly branded lorry cab. Unique vehicles are much harder to sell on, and the more eye-catching the design, the easier they are to trace on CCTV and through automated vehicle tracking. As such, companies can save money while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime due to vehicle theft.

To lower your insurance, it’s important to have the vehicle graphics professionally designed and installed. This authenticates the artwork and gives confirmation regarding the quality, durability, and longevity of the modification.

What Next?

At TL Colour, we understand the importance of bringing brands to life, and vehicle graphics can be an extremely effective and budget-friendly option for delivery, hire, and retail businesses. To learn more about how your brand could shine on a new stage, please call 01235 520444 today.


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