3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Go-To Print Company

If you are starting your own business you may be surprised at how much printed material you will need – frompromotional brochures to stationery and folders for day-to-day office use. At this point you will probably be thinking “thank goodness there are printing companies near me I can use”, but you really should consider making one your go-to printer for several reasons.


Building A Business Relationship

One key advantage of having that go-to print company is that you will build a genuine relationship with them and they will come to know your company and what you need. Design and printing are essential to creating the brand that will make your company stand out and a printer you have worked with for years will grasp your corporate identity a lot better than one you have only just spoken to.

This connection will be further enhanced if you pick one based in the same region – one of those “local printing companies near me” you were thinking about earlier. That is because they will have a stronger handle on attitudes and trends among the public in the area, which will help your marketing materials hit the spot.

Saving You Time

A go-to print company will save you the time previously spent searching for a suitable printer. This might not sound like it would take that long, but every time you contact a new printing firm you will have to research them to find out about the quality of their work and compare prices – and then you are still taking a chance that you will get what you ordered!

Working long-term with a single company means you never have those worries and, if you pick a nearby firm, the convenience will be even greater. It is a lot quicker and easier for Oxfordshire printing companies like us to deliver to local business clients than it is for printers based in other parts of the country.

Placing Your Orders Speedily and Simply

The actual process of putting in your order is also a lot speedier and simpler if you use one go-to company each time. For instance, at TL Colour, we create bespoke Client Portals to place any repeat orders you need. You will avoid a lot of frustration and stress compared with trying to explain what you need over the phone to a different provider each time.

Whether it is eye-catching promotional design work or high-volume printing of essential office stationery, we do it all at TL Colour. Call us today to find out more.


Image Source: Unsplash